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Getting a Pet Exam at Our Veterinarian Located in Starkville

Our veterinarian in Starkville offers pet wellness exams, which are important to establishing and maintaining your pet's good health. Every pet should receive a wellness exam on a regular basis. Most pets should begin getting their pet exams as early as possible. The younger they are at their first exam, the better our veterinarian will be able to establish a baseline for their overall health and make sure they are developing properly and meeting all of their milestones as they grow into mature animals.

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After your pet’s initial exam, we recommend bringing them back in for wellness exams one to two times a year, depending on their age and the overall state of health. Regular exams ensure we catch any developing health conditions early when they are easiest to treat and cure. If your pet has a chronic health condition that requires regular medication, we recommend exams more often so we can monitor them and make sure they continue to do well on their meds and stay as healthy as possible.

Veterinary Care is a Good Way to Prevent Disease in Pets

Bringing your pet to our vet is the first step in preventing disease in your pet that can be transmitted to other pets and even to humans. These regular wellness exams are an important part of keeping everyone in the family healthy. We will measure your pet's vital statistics, do any diagnostic tests we believe are necessary (such as blood work, urinalysis, x-rays, and/or ultrasounds), and will ask you questions about your pet's energy level, appetite, activities, and attitude. All of this information gives us an excellent idea of what is going on with your pet, especially when compared to the baseline established at their initial appointment. If any disease is developing, we will know it right away, and be able to take the steps necessary to treat and/or cure it at the start.

Your pet can receive any necessary vaccines at their regular wellness appointments, too. Whether it is an annual rabies shot or an optional vaccine like one for distemper or other common pet conditions, we can provide them as part of the wellness exam visit.

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Contact us to set up an appointment for your pet to come in for their annual wellness exam. A pet that gets regular wellness exams is a healthy and happy pet. Our veterinarian proudly serves the Starkville area and is eager to meet you and your pet. We look forward to welcoming you both to the Smith Animal Hospital family. Contact us and make your appointment today at 662-323-6937.


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