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Pet Boarding from Our Local Veterinarian in Starkville

Whether you’re going away on vacation or simply need to keep your pet out of the house for a while, pet boarding is a safe option. At Smith Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of boarding services to pets in the Starkville, MS area. If you’re a pet owner in the community and are looking for a comfortable place to keep your pet, we can help.

Family enjoying time with their cat before vacation.

Reasons to Board Your Pet

There are many benefits to boarding your pet at Smith Animal Hospital!

  • You can rest easy knowing your pet is on site with a veterinarian - If your pet should have a medical emergency while you’re away, our veterinarian will be able to administer professional treatment to help your pet get well.

  • Your pet will be expertly supervised - When you leave your pet at Smith Animal Hospital, you know that your pet will be supervised by a staff of trained experts.

  • Pets that are left at a boarding facility may be safer than pets left at home alone - Some pet owners leave their pets at home with extra food and water when they go away for short trips. Leaving your pet at home can be risky since your pet can have a medical emergency in your absence, or get into something they aren’t supposed to. Taking your pet to the boarding facility provides an extra level of protection for your pet.

Boarding with Our Local Veterinarian in Starkville

At Smith Animal Hospital, we keep pets in climate controlled rooms. Each pet is assigned a private space for sleeping, and no pet is given a sleeping area that is too small for his or her needs. This helps ensure that your pet will be kept comfortable in your absence.

All pets in our boarding facility are fed nutritious, well-rounded meals to ensure that all of their nutritional needs are met. We’ll take your pet into our outdoor area for runs and regular exercise. This will help your pet stay healthy while you’re away.

In addition, we know how important it is for your pet to feel comfortable and safe in your absence. To ensure that your pet is in a safe environment where he or she feels comfortable, we keep dogs with dogs and cats with cats, in separate rooms.

Tour Your Pet’s Boarding Facility Ahead of Time

Boarding your pet can be stressful. To ensure that the boarding facility you choose is right for your needs, tour the boarding facility ahead of time. This will allow you to ask any questions you might have, so you and your pet will be ready to board when the time comes.

Contact Our Veterinarian Located in Starkville for More Information

At Smith Animal Hospital, we keep pets of the community safe while their owners are away. To make an appointment to board your pet at our animal hospital, contact us today at 662-323-6937.


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